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Areas That We Cover

ur aim is to discuss the Six Divisions of Science And Technology based-on English. Similarly, main category will focus all important sub-categories!

Modern Linguistics

Want to learn the root of language, love to explore the different terms of language. Linguistics is the scientific study of language and we analyze and outline the science of language here.
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English Grammar

Grammar is the rules of writing or speaking in a language. As an international language, from all over the world a lot of students want to learn English, they can master with this Art Of Grammar strategy.
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Science & Research

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Let's Discover Deeply

We also explain, research and write depth parts of English regularly. It is our strength for love to our students.
literacy Devices

Literary Device

The terms used in poetry in a form of literary device is also known as Poetic Devices. With the composite of poetic devices, a poem is the combination of structural, grammatical, rhythmic, metrical, verbal, and visual elements.

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Thesaurus Dictionary


The reference books for words or phrases are known as dictionaries and thesaurus. While the dictionary contains the meaning of words alphabetically with etymology and pronounciation, the thesaurus explains synonyms and even antonyms.
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punctuation Marks


Punctuation is the way in which a sentence is used to express the meaning of a sentence, either in the sentence or at the end of a sentence or to express emotion in a sentence, and to indicate that the sentence is used during the sentence. For example, full stop, comma, and brackets.
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literature English

English Literature

English literature is now considered as the most rich literature in the world. But it would not started from the starting of the creature. With the passes of time and dedication of thousands of poets, writers and linguistics, it got the outstanding standard. The English language has developed since 1500 years.
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speaking English

Learning English

As it is essential to write and read in English. It is almost impossible to improve your life if you do not speak in this language well. It’s not just a single language anymore. It’s an international language. Let’s see how to learn English fluently.
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Writing English

Writing Professionally

Even though we speak slightly in English, many of us do not know how to write. From university exam to research papers, fellowships to abroad or scholarship applications, our writing is not standardized because of Poor syntax and inconsistent linguistics. Let’s start learning the approach of writing in better English.
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The writers who have contributed to bring English in this stage and for making English as an international language.

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Bird (Whistled) Language: Those who speak the language of birds

The desire to become a bird is very old. Few people in the world speak the language of these birds, even though they don’t have any wings! They communicate with Whistled (Sounds Like Birds) as a symbolic version of spoken or written language. This dialect is not just some isolated sound, but a lot more…

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Branches Of Phonetics (Explained With Diagram)

Phonetics refers to the study of the entire process of vocal or oral communication using the organs of speech – the mouth, throat, nasal and sinus cavities and lungs. Phonetics deals with the production, transmission, reception, and perception of speech sounds. It studies speech sounds, intonation, accentual structure, syllabic structure and also the phono-stylistic aspects. Phonetics, as…

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Types Of Morphemes (List/Classification)

Morphemes are the most important components or elements of word structures. Morphemes are the smallest meaningful and/or functional units of a language. Primarily, if we classified or list, there are two types of Morphemes. Free and Bound morphemes. A morpheme may or may not have its own meaning but it serves meaning to a word. That is,…

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Word Formation Rules Or Process

Word formation is the process of producing or forming new words. Many word formation rules and processes are followed all over the world. The major rules are cited below. Word Formation Rules Or Process I have discussed the most used 16 Word Formation rules with necessary examples. Those who are enthusiastic will be helpful to…

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